Friday, November 12, 2010


Did you know; pets can be great stress relievers?
Have you ever had one of those days, where everything seems to be going wrong? Well, pets can't fix everything, but they sure can give you comfort, and love.
As I write this, my four year old cat, Streaky, lays next to the computer.

For me, pets are more than animals, they're like a part of the family!

Whether you've got a dog, or a cat, or some other lil' (or big) critter, they sure can make life a little better.

I love my cat, and my dog very much. They're absolutely part of the family!

And so, I wish you all a great night.


  1. For me, dogs are nothing but stressful animals. Cats are my animal of choice.

  2. I have both cats and dogs :D

    I love em all!