Monday, November 29, 2010

The iPhone 3GS

I recently upgraded from my Samsung Strive, which admittedly was a great phone, to the iPhone 3GS.

This little sucker is pretty cool I must say, I've always heard that iPhones were over-rated.
As it turns out, they're not. They're pretty doggone cool, and they've got the coolest apps! Even if half of the apps (not a real statistic, just an estimate) are useless games, they're pretty fun! Like, Angry Birds, which was the number 1 app in the store for a while, it looks kind of silly, but it's actually worth the $1.

My next step would be protection, I plan on purchasing the Ottorbox defender series case for the 3GS, because I can be rather clumsy.

I also purchased a new pellet rifle, a Daisy powerline 35, and a cheap scope from Wal-Mart.
It's really handy! Very accurate, and easy to use. Although, I did screw it up, I thought it'd be fun to put multiple bullets down the barrel, and shoot it like a shotgun. Well, it jammed the gun. So I had to take apart the barrel, and push out the bullets. Lesson learned. It still works, but isn't as dead-on accurate. Oh well, it's still a very fun rifle. And, I don't mean to brag, but I can shoot a quarter sized target, 5 times, from 30 feet. :)


  1. A pellet gun? They're great for getting rid of stray dogs, but man, you need some real fire power!

  2. Applelove, I do have some more firepower, but the pellet gun is simply for shooting paper targets.

    For starters, between my dad and I, we own an old .22 long rifle,
    A 30-06, a 30-30, and multiple shotguns. Yeah, we like guns. xD

  3. I approve of the pellet gun.
    I do not approve of the iPhone.
    I have a Windows 7 Phone, made by HTC! Superior technology is superior. :P But to each their own.

  4. i have yet to have my hands on an iphone. its much of a luxury item.

  5. I like the iPhone because it's backed by Apple, which means there are a lot of things made specially for the iPhone. Ie, the 'iHome' and those stereos with ipod ports.