Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Modern Cell Phones and Technology

Here's another simple one, but I just coined it a few minutes ago. Has it ever occurred to you, that cell phones, are far more powerful than the computers used to send the first shuttle into space? I know it's like an everyday thing, to use a cell phone, but think about it: That device; that computer that you have in your hand, is pretty damn powerful. And the fact that one can talk to someone on the other side of the globe almost instantly, and without wires, is INSANE!

We are truly blessed in this day and age. While technology can be a hindrance at times, it can be a major blessing, and make life a little easier. The fact that I can hit 'Safari' on my iPhone, and Google something, and have an answer within seconds, is INCREDIBLE!

I suppose moral of the story is, be thankful for every little thing you've got. Because no matter what, it can be much worse.


  1. I agree. Technology is a funny thing, thats for sure!!

    Great real first post!! I will be checking back, I am sure you can make this something great!

  2. Yeah, blogging seems to be kind of relaxing actually!